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A Professional Presence Tool for Musicians


Recognize the Trend of Social Telemusic

"The Stream" is Here. Artsmesh Enables a Global Cycle of Live Sessions and Concerts 24/7"


Audio and Video go over UDP as fast as your network connection will allow. Uses inter-application Jack audio and Syphon video so you can route your professional AV applications of choice anywhere in the world.

Support Network

Artsmesh is moving to a new phase of its development and will need the support of the community. So Artsmesh is going crypto, by far the most convenient of payment methods. More info below. Long live the Mesh.


As a professional application, Artsmesh is a highly configurable network tool. AM connects users into groups using our global mesh server. Use the local server as a studio management system for routing all your media streams.

We've Come a Long Way

The age of fiber is here. This has implications for live global network music performance.

Artsmesh is a professional presence engineering application - a Digital Presence Workstation (DPW). Artsmesh aims to be the spaceX of the post-Skype age, enabling netizens to master distributed P2P TV studio environments and live broadcasting. A good metaphor for Artsmesh would be like a jet cockpit for live P2P and federated social messaging, streaming HD audio, video and open sound control (OSC) with under-the-hood open source tools (Jackaudio/Jacktrip, FFMPEG/Syphon, OSCgroups and Gnu Social client) over high speed networks (IPV6 enabled!).


It is aimed at users who are serious global networkers: musicians and new-media performers, telecommuters and netcasters. TV production is going the way of the home recording studio and both are now able to network multiple nodes into one production unit for one concert/jam or permanent collaboration.​

Engineering Artistic Presence on the Net

P2P Audio/Video and then Broadcast

Route Audio and Video and control information and when you're ready to go live, announce and start broadcasting.



Tokenized Artsmesh Projects

The Global Loop Orchestra. A Mesh Label for Live Network Music

Syneme Labs: Physical studios for research and production.

Artsmesh: Network Music Workstation for MacOS


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