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Artsmesh - Live P2P Network for Virtual Music Performance

A Professional Presence Tool for Musicians


Artsmesh is the first solution that enables you to output Uncompressed, Multichannel sound at the speed of light to anyone in the world. Audio and Video go over UDP allowing for synchronous recording, mixing and streaming.


Open up to 16 channels to jam with your bandmates, sync different beats between cities, link multiple studios and stages together all on the same platform.

Immagine a music festival where 10 musicians in 10 cities stream their live jam to millions of people all around the world. This is now possible with Artsmesh!

Broadcast Live

With Artsmesh you can broadcast live to a global audience via Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook, Instagram or any social media content delivery network of choice. Each collaborator in the group performance can broadcast their own unique stream, enabling multiple iterations of the same performance.

Social Music

We are creating a permanent networked community of musicians and performing artists. Post your content, create groups and discover new musicians to jam with on the Artsmesh social platform. Host your live events and share it with the community.


As a professional application, Artsmesh is a highly configurable network tool that Uses inter-application Jack audio and Syphon video so you can route your professional AV applications of choice anywhere in the world.

Expertise and Experience

Artsmesh is the result of years of research and development by distinguished music professors and researchers. The software has already been used successfully between universities, concert  halls and world class orchestras for several years. Check out our their performances using Artsmesh here.

We are building the future of Music

The age of fiber is here. This has great implications for live global network music performance.

Artsmesh is the world's first Network Music Platform for real time, distributed performances that allows musicians to capture, remix and stream live multichannel uncompressed audio.

We aim to be the spaceX of the post-Skype age, enabling netizens to master distributed P2P TV studio environments and live broadcasting. A good metaphor for Artsmesh would be like a jet cockpit for live P2P and federated social messaging, streaming HD audio, video and open sound control (OSC) with under-the-hood open source tools (Jackaudio/Jacktrip, FFMPEG/Syphon, OSCgroups and Gnu Social client) over high speed networks (IPV6 enabled!). Artsmesh is currently available for MacOS only, but we are working hard to develop Artsmesh 2.0 that will be cross-platform.


Artsmesh is aimed to empower users who are serious global networkers: musicians and new-media performers, telecommuters and netcasters. TV production is going the way of the home recording studio and both are now able to network multiple nodes into one production unit for one concert/jam or permanent collaboration.​

Artsmesh means to inspire a whole new industry and economy based on live network music jamming across the world. The current way of broadcasting on the internet follows the traditional model of one-to-many and the modern streaming and virtual conferencing solutions are sloppy and slow. We created a new system of broadcasting live performances peer-to-peer-to-many with minimal latency and in high quality.

About us

Engineering Artistic Presence on the Net

P2P Audio/Video and then Broadcast

Route Audio and Video and control information and when you're ready to go live, announce and start broadcasting.


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