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  • What is the Artsmesh Mission?
    To assist musicians in the management of complex network music setups.
  • What is the Artsmesh Software?
    The Artsmesh software is a network music and performance management tool. Content creators run the Artsmesh client which streams audio live. Functions include user, group and project profiles, jacktrip audio connecting, open sound control (OSC), chat, microblog, world map to see participants locations with live broadcast popup window, network testing tools, graphic scrolling score panel and more.
  • What is the ideal bandwidth to operate Artsmesh?
    We reccomend having an Ethernet connection that supports at least 100 Mb for upload and download.
  • What do I need to install Artsmesh?
    All you need is macOS M1 or M2 chip computer. Sorry, we've discontinued the old intel version. Use ethernet only. Pre-install Jackaudio latest version (especially necessary for the Jacktrip Hub Server mode. Otherwise, you can use the RT Audio mode.
  • Is Artsmesh for Mac only?
    Yes, at the moment Artsmesh can only be run on macOS M1/2 chip.
  • What features are included in this version?
    UI for jack audio router, jacktrip connection gui, oscgroups, local/global artsmesh servers, map, microblog, network testing tools, chat, ipv6, user/group/project profiles, shared scores, shared group metronome, and more. To interact with the Artsmesh community.
  • What is UDP?
    UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is an alternative communications protocol to Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) used primarily for establishing low-latency and loss-tolerating connections between applications on the internet. It can be used where a large number of clients are connected and where real-time error correction isn't necessary, such as gaming, voice or video conferencing and streaming media.
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