Frequently asked questions

What is the Artsmesh Mission?

Artsmesh is on a mission to create a decentralized global P2P live network music and performance economy.

Can you explain your tokens?

Artsmesh is currently planning on building out a whole ecosystem of artist generated Ethereum backed tokens (your own token). To get there we need to demonstrate the utility of these user created tokens; GLO is just the first use case. After the GLO token sale is finished, you will be able to buy/sell GLO on the token exchange. Utility wise, you will be able to purchase and upgrade Artsmesh with these tokens, send and receive tokens to/from peers, create events with owned intellectual property, buy tickets to live concerts and compensate other net music production staff for their roles in network music concerts. The name of the Artsmesh token is MESH. The symbol is MSH. Ethereum token address is: 0x768F0D119BB4752872Fd47E9be856D5aE3108473 - or just type: artsmesh.eth instead. Mesh represents actual shares in the Artsmesh LLC. The GLOBAL/GLO token stands for Global Loop Orchestra. The Symbol is GLO. The Ethereum token address of GLO is: 0x95a2b1c9e46746f603420fc9386293da79cca8e2 - or just type glo.artsmesh.eth instead. GLO is Artsmesh's experimental 'mesh label' for the first networked music bands on the planet.

Will developers be able to build DApps on your network?

Artsmesh is built modularly. It is a canvas on which network performance widgets are stuck, rearranged and torn off to float free and open full screen. For example, there is a profile panel with three tabs for user, group and project. We plan for these functions to be DApps, each tab with a very specific blockchain purpose. Other DApps planned are a sharing graphic scores through IPFS and most obviously, the intellectual property contractual aspects for the live streamed performance.

What is the Artsmesh Software?

The Artsmesh software is a network music and performance management tool. Content creators run the Artsmesh client which streams live media P2P; audiences run a lite Artsmesh client to watch the shows. Functions include user, group and profile profiles, audio, video and open sound control (OSC) routing and mixing, chat, microblog, world map to see participants locations and live broadcasts, network testing tools, graphic scrolling score panel and more.

What does it mean to 'Buy Live?'

Today the media environment is a noisy sea of competing voices simultaneously shouting for our attention, with a few well curated islands of rational thought and wise commentary. In general, we are stuck with ‘fake news,’ and highly massaged, targeted and intentional information. In addition, we are more and more physically isolated by social media and information bubbles. We are banking on the fact that the live event horizon (NOW) will become a site of value; in fact, the closer you are to live/now, the more valuable and trusted will be the ‘signal.’ Live media acts as a filter, because it is a more skill-intensive space to command. With live persons sharing a direct signal path, there is a relationship of veridicality, where no mediating entity can insinuate their non-contractual influence between our two negotiated presences.

What is UDP?

UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is an alternative communications protocol to Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) used primarily for establishing low-latency and loss-tolerating connections between applications on the internet. It can be used where a large number of clients are connected and where real-time error correction isn't necessary, such as gaming, voice or video conferencing and streaming media.

What is the ideal bandwidth to operate Artsmesh?

We reccomend having an Ethernet connection that supports at least 300 Mb for upload and download.

What do I need to install Artsmesh?

All you need is macOS sierra to mojave, an ethernet cable and at least 100mbps of bandwidth. No hardware is required to install Artsmesh.

Is Artsmesh for Mac only?

Yes, at the moment Artsmesh can be run on iOS only. However, we are planning to develop a PC version as well. If you would like to accelerate this process, please support us on the donate page!

What features are included in the platform?

UI for jack audio router, jacktrip, syphon video mixer, jacktrip, oscgroups, bonjour cluster, global mesher, map, youtube live, oAuth, live streaming, GNUSocial, network testing tools, chat, ipv6, NAT hole punching, user/group/project profiles, shared scores, shared group metronome, and more. To interact with our the Artsmesh community, check out our social platform at